100 Per Cent Cotton medical scrubs: How Medical Scrubs Support Performance

Why are cotton medical scrubs so popular, even with plenty of alternatives on offer?

You can get scrubs made from various blended fabrics, but cotton, typically, is the preferred option. This is not simply down to tradition, or an unwillingness to try something new. Cotton has certain advantages over other fabrics when it comes to medical workwear.


Natural Hypoallergenic Fibres

Cotton is made from natural fibres. This isn’t just about the ethics of how it’s produced, but rather the properties cotton has as a natural fabric.

Chiefly, it is hypoallergenic. What does this mean? It protects the wearer from allergies or skin irritations occurring. Therefore, in a medical setting, it helps to protect patients from the same things.


Softness and Breathability

Cotton is a very soft fabric and it is highly-breathable. This means that it transfers moisture away from skin much faster than other, synthetic fabrics. This combination makes it ideal for people working long shifts where they are frequently moving around.

The flexibility of cotton makes it ideal for scrubs, where the wearer may be doing a lot of bending, lifting and twisting around.


Easy Care

Cotton is a relatively low-maintenance fabric, making it ideal for people in jobs which take it out on what they’re wearing.

Cotton scrubs are easy to clean – their wash and wear quality makes them ideal for medical staff with busy working schedules. And they can stand multiple washes, which they certainly need to do with medical-related wear.


Substance and Style

“Why do we like cotton? As a natural fibre, its manufacture involves minimal chemical usage,” explains Joanne Hunt of Pastelli UK. “But more importantly, these natural qualities benefit the wearer and make cotton scrubs superbly versatile for a whole range of work settings.”

These include dental practices, veterinary practices along with hospitals and medical facilities.

“Style is also a key consideration,” Joanne continues. “Cotton’s versatility makes it adaptable for a wide range of workwear, and it fits in perfectly with our ethos of providing clothing that looks good, feels good and helps performance.”

Because cotton is easy to dye and treat, it means Pastelli can provide a whole range of colours to match its leading-edge styles.

“White will always have its place,” Joanne observes, “but we also believe in providing a wide choice of colours for our customers to choose from. Colours can evoke positive feelings and responses, which, in sensitive situations, is a big advantage.”

For natural comfort combined with high performance, 100% cotton scrubs are the scrubs of choice for many industry professionals.