The Importance of Personalisation in Medical and Dental Uniforms

Who are you dressing for? This question can be complex when it comes to your personal choice in clothes, but it also resonates with people wearing medical work clothes. Personalisation matters.

Social psychologists have studied how clothes affect people’s mood, health and general confidence.

This has given rise to something called enclothed cognition. This involves two factors:

  • the symbolic meaning of the clothes worn; and
  • the physical experience of wearing them.

Researchers at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, USA, arranged for people to perform tests while wearing lab coats, patients’ coats and in plain clothing.

They found that their subjects’ attention had more sustained attention while wearing the lab coats.

When we put on an item of clothing, we are likely to adopt some of the characteristics associated with it.

Therefore, clothing can be a form of empowerment, and what we wear in the workplace can affect, to some degree, how we work.

In this light, the Pastelli UK collection of stylish medical and dental uniforms has a vital role to play in supporting medical professionals across a range of disciplines.


Performance and Personalisation

Understanding what makes clothing right for an individual in their workplace can contribute significantly to their confidence, self-esteem and how they perform in their role.

Professional dress is important, and not just for the impression it gives to patients and others encountering medical staff.

In the past, medical and dental professionals have been much more restricted in how they might express their personalities through their uniforms.

Nowadays, however, the potential for personalisation is much wider.

Why is personalisation important? For the reasons above, that it helps empower individuals, but also adds an extra layer of reassurance to patients and visitors. It gives medical and dental services a more human, approachable face.

What to Consider When Personalising Your Look

Scrubs can be stylish. Not only this, but looking good can be crucial to gaining patients’ confidence and trust.

Just because medical and dental uniforms need to be functional does not mean they should prevent you from cutting a dash.

Therefore, choose carefully and consider these following factors when choosing your uniform.


  • Colour

    Colours transmit messages about you. There are more traditional blues and greens that suggest calmness and competence; but you could also opt for red, which can indicate passion and energy; or even orange, which denotes comfort.

    You can enhance your approachability and aura of reassurance with colour.


  • Style

    It might not immediately seem like a priority to consider the cut of your uniform, but how it fits you matters.

    Firstly, it can enhance your appearance, just as ill-fitting scrubs may have the effect of making you look less professional.

    Secondly, it can boost your own sense of professionalism and self-esteem. And with Pastelli UK’s range of uniquely tailored Italian workwear, you will feel different.


  • Comfort

    You can very much support how you perform in your role by wearing comfortable clothing designed to offer the best in functionality.

    Modern, stylish medical scrubs combine this supreme wearability with a distinct sense of style, using breathable, natural fabrics.


“Personalisation can make a crucial difference when it comes to medical and dental workwear. It adds value, both to the individual and to the patients and members of the public they are interacting with. Medical and dental professionals need to feel both comfortable and confident at work. Pastelli’s stylish but practical uniform solutions can help them do this.”

Joanne Hunt, Pastelli UK

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