Making Veterinary Uniforms Scrub Up Stylishly

Impressions are enormously important. For veterinary practices, uniforms give them a specific identity while having practical advantages in the treatment of animals. People frequently take their pets to the vet not out of choice, but necessity. The context can be distressing, so anything that reassures and helps keep pet-owners feeling calm and confident has value, which is how veterinary uniforms can help.


Should Your Scrubs be Stylish?

Modern veterinary treatment is increasingly sophisticated, but at the heart of it is the care and treatment of animals, many of them beloved pets. Veterinary staff must be sensitive to how people feel about their pets, and so the image they project takes on a huge significance.

On the one hand, veterinary uniforms present a sense of professional order and efficiency. On the other, projecting personality is a vital aid in gaining the confidence of pet owners. In fact, modern veterinary uniforms can do both.

Veterinary scrubs need no longer be simply functional. With a wide choice of colours and styles, Italian-designed for maximum comfort and strength, Pastelli’s range of uniforms opens new possibilities.

Colour is important, and Pastelli recognises this, making a wider range of colours available across its various uniform styles. These include warm oranges and reds alongside the more traditional whites, greens and blues – and even these more established colours have a twist in their shading, adding a whole new quality of individuality to them.

Pastelli’s uniforms are cut stylishly but subtly. They are not outrageously fashionable, but they have enough of a difference about them to stand out in an appropriate manner.


Uniform Policies

For veterinary practices, having a uniform policy is essential to how they work. There are the basic rules to do with wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, and achieving and maintaining infection control.

This should extend to staff only wearing their uniforms when in practice, removing them when not in the workplace.

There is also the issue of professional pride: a uniform confers special qualities upon the wearer, not least in the eye of visitors to the practice, and pet owners, many of whom will be quite anxious.

The other key thing here is how a uniform can make a member of staff feel, in addition to the impression it leaves on others.

This is one of the main benefits of Pastelli’s stylish range of medical uniforms: the wearer feels the benefits.

“Morale in the workplace is vital,” observes Joanne Hunt of Pastelli UK. “We feel that uniforms that feel good to wear, that aid performance but are also uniquely stylish, can only be a good thing in pressured work environments.”

Visiting the vets can be fraught with complications and uncertainty. Encountering Confident, helpful, knowledgeable and approachable veterinary professionals who look the part is of enormous benefit to all concerned.