Should You Wear Your Scrubs in Public?

This is an ongoing debate among medical professionals themselves and involving the wider public.


What are the disadvantages of medical staff wearing their scrubs outside work, on public transport or shopping, for example?

The main concern here is to do with hygiene. Some health officials have expressed concern that certain superbugs might be transmitted through dirty scrubs being worn outside a controlled environment.

However, there is a counter argument that says that there is no evidence that bacteria on scrubs spread disease. There is also the argument that whatever you’re wearing when journeying to and from hospital, it can occasionally become contaminated. And not all bacteria will cause infections anyway.

Are there other arguments to consider regarding the wearing of scrubs in public, such as professionalism, and even style?



The Importance of Image

“There are certain key considerations regarding the wearing of scrubs outside the workplace,” says Joanne Hunt of Pastelli UK, “You should probably change out of them if you’re working regularly with contagious patients.”

Another consideration is to do with professionalism and your public image.

Obviously, wearing ill-fitting, and dirty, medical scrubs will do little to enhance your image as a medical professional, but scrubs have come a long way and can now be very stylish as work uniforms.

“Pastelli’s Italian-designed scrubs are both hard-wearing and stylish, and work to enhance the image of the wearer while being supremely functional,” Joanne observes.

People react positively to medical professionals when they are dressed in smart, stylish uniforms, but Pastelli’s range of colours also allows for a greater degree of personality on the part of the wearer to shine out.

Effectively, the uniform can enhance the image of the wearer, and, by extension, the institute that the wearer represents.

“Scrubs are not just a practical consideration,” Joanne points out. “Hospitals and other medical institutions should not underestimate the way image plays such a crucial role in how patients will interact with them.”



The Public and the Personal

For many medical professionals, the pressure of their work means that changing into, or out of, their work clothes is a very low priority.

This doesn’t mean, however, that they do not care about how they look.

Far from it, because with modern scrubs coming in a whole range of styles and colours, looking the part when on duty is essential, and desirable.

In this, being seen in scrubs in public can be a positive enhancement of the medical professional’s image, and can be a boost to their own self confidence as well as presenting the right look for the job they are doing.

“Wear your stylish scrubs proudly,” Joanne advises, “Because they’re a part of who you are.”